LED Corn Bulbs are the best for illuminating Outdoor Spaces


Get rid of the heavy outdoor bulbs and its replacement costs by installing the LED Corn Bulbs from LEDMyplace.ca as it can illuminate the outdoor spaces with the 360 degrees lighting. It has the latest designed LEDs chips from Epistar arranged in the forms of kernels of corn.

These LED Corn Cob Lights Bulbs are available in different wattages ranges, for example, its 20W fixture is commonly used for residential spaces while its higher wattages bulbs like 60W, 100W, and 125W lighting fixture are used for commercial areas.

Salient features of LED Corn Bulbs-

• Ultra-wide beam angle of 360 degrees

• Available color temperature-5700K

• Easily replaces high energy consuming metal-halide of 450watts

• Save up to 75% on your energy bills

• Die-cast aluminum alloy housing for better heat dissipation

• 50,000 operational hours

• 5-year manufacturer warranty

• 24/7 customer support system

For More Ifno:- https://ledmyplace.ca/collections/led-corn-bulbs

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