If you own a retail store, commercial store or any supermarket you knew the importance of proper display of the products in the freezer.

Shoebox light has proven to the ideal lighting fixture to ensure safety and security in outdoor spaces like the highway, parking lots and parks.


Working in inappropriate lighting in the vast indoor spaces like the warehouse or commercial spaces with the ceiling heights of 15ft-20fts can cause the deficiency in your eye-sight.


Want a lighting fixture that can illuminate the whole areas with more energy efficiency and less replacement cost LEDMyplace offers you the best quality LED Corn Bulbs that has the latest LED chips from Epistar mimic the kernels of the corn and can illuminate the areas with the beam angle of 360


If you own an industrial warehouse or factories, then you need an ideal lighting fixture to illuminate the whole area. LEDMyplace offers you the 240W UFO LED High Bay Light which can illuminate the whole areas which can be installed at the ceiling height of 15-20ft.


Pole light is proven to be the ideal lighting option for quality light for illuminating the vast outdoor spaces like street, boulevards, and pathways.


Among the vast variety of outdoor lighting fixture, Corn Bulb is thee of the brightest and most energy-efficient bulbs with the beam angle of 360 degrees. This lighting fixture is best suited for residential as well as commercial spaces.


Flood Light is presented as the ideal option for the flooding the lights in vast spaces like a parking lot, outdoor spaces and billboards. LEDMyplace Canada’s LED Flood Lights to have efficient high lumen output to illuminate the whole area without leaving any dark spot.


The beautiful interior design of any residential or commercial spaces can make the visitor more comfortable and memorable. Downlights play the most important role in making the interior look more futuristic and versatile.